Project Marketing

Natam Real Estate Services has developed unique commercial real estate marketing skills. Our Marketing Department works with developers in project marketing, from the initial stages of planning a new property or refurbishing older real estate, through putting the property on the market for sale or lease. The marketing services bring to bear all the accumulated experience Natam’s professionals have acquired, along with an in-depth command of the various media and advertising tools available in the Israeli market, and a wide-spread network of relationships with all the leading players in the field.

Natam has proven success in marketing both new projects during their construction stage as well as existing properties. Among Natam’s clients are some of the most prominent companies in the construction industry and investment market in Israel.

Defining Strategy and Market Positioning

The Group’s Marketing Team works together with the developer to create a detailed brief addressing the target audience, the features of the project, the relative advantages, the main messages, the media strategy, the advertising and marketing budget, etc.

The project is characterized by market positioning, determining a visual style and main advertising components such as the logo and slogan, and marketing positioning by which the project will be distinguished from its competitors is also planned.

Advertising and Public Relations

Our marketing programs include an advertising program in which the project’s unique messages are directed towards the target audience in a campaign using various media: professional literature, business press, billboards, etc.

Advertising and Sales Promotion on the Internet
Internet activity is pivotal to the success of project marketing. Natam’s Marketing Team plans and operates diverse internet activity, including:

Defining the features and constructing designated internet sites, running advertising campaigns on Google, Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), creating internet analysis pages to collect leads, advertising banners on leading sites, etc.

Our company is officially qualified by Google to professionally run funded campaigns in the framework of Google Israel’s “Ambassadors Program”.

Sales Promotions, Negotiation and Closing

Our Sales Promotion services include direct marketing, gathering of “leads”, visiting the properties together with potential clients, giving presentations, accompanying the lessor’s or lessee’s architects and other advisors when revisiting the properties, taking part in the negotiations, and accompanying the contractual process until the signing of the contract and actual occupancy.

Marketing Communication

Marketing communication services enable effective and impressive presentation at sales meetings. We prepare property portfolios that include advertising and technical specifications regarding the project, photographs, blueprints and plans. We also prepare advertising material, pictures, presentations, virtual presentations and image.

Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Team
  • Market Research
  • Defining a Target
  • Defining Strategy
  • Assigning Professionals
    for the project
  • Accompanying the
    Contractual Process
  • Marcom
  • Advertising in Several Media

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